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ProDeveloper Client Samples

These are a number of examples of the type of businesses we work with. ProDeveloper prides itself on bringing a strong brand element to our client’s design and helping them acquire more customers per marketing dollar.

HMY Yacht Brokerage

HMY Yachts

HMY Yachts is the largest yacht broker in the US and is expanding internationally. We’ve been email marketing daily with for five years now. ProDeveloper has helping the HMY team with marketing solutions for over 8 years now.

BusinessTampaBay Directory

This automated business directory was built from scratch using Divi and WordPress. It is a responsive, easy to use website where businesses and local customers can both come together. This directory has been around since 1999!

Gordon Law Group

Gordon Law Group – Chicago

One of the nations premier tax attorney’s, Gordon Law Group provides elite tax defense services and specializes in cryptocurrency tax situations. They hired us to handle their SEO scrubbing and monthly Google Ads, content and much more.

American Plant Exchange

American Plant Exchange

American Plant Exchange is one of the largest nurseries in the country, and came to us looking to revamp their inventory management system from the ground up, convert it into an ERP platform, and also handle their marketing monthly.

Tampa Bay Krav Maga

Tampa Bay Krav Maga – Self Defense School

Tampa Bay Krav Maga reached out to us to create a more colorful and fun website for their self-defense school, something that would be easy to use, easy to convert and great looking. We came through with a custom WP site integrated with Zen Planner their existing membership / scheduling platform.

The Cutting Edge Signs

The Cutting Edge Signs

One of the top sign companies in Pinellas, The Cutting Edge Signs contacted us to create a more modern and professional look. We created a from-scratch WordPress responsive website that showcases their services neatly, built right to the client’s specifications.

Goldsmith Crowdfunding

Goldsmith Crowdfunding Portal – In Development

Goldsmith is a crowdfunding company in the making. It will accept cryptocurrency and fiat USD and provide security token offerings in the United States. This team is currently awaiting FINRA approval with a Reg CF Crowdfunding License.

Viral Style TShirts

ViralStyle TShirts

ViralStyle hired us to help get their start-up – started! We helped create their custom website, in-house processes, customer support system setup, and social media services for famous names like Ray Lewis, Jimmy Butler and other sports figures.

Dixie Express Contractors

Dixie Express Contractors

Dixie Construction came back to us to create a residential-based website to compliment their larger scale construction projects. We created a custom responsive made with WordPress which their agents can go on-site and fill out the work order and send it right into the administration for faster approvals than ever.

Kind Grow Cannabis Co

Kind Grow Cannabis Company

KindGrow recently did a Crowdfunding Raise with our friends at Exemplar Capital, and then hired us to create their brand new website. Coming late 2021 – this beautiful website will be a knockout!

Reale Living Oils

Reale Living Essential Oils Experts

ProDeveloper created a simple site with custom graphics and a custom, responsive WordPress CMS for easy updates. Our team also installed Google Analytics and helped them create a custom logo to go with the beautiful site we made for them.

AFCLF Civil Rights Group

American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedom

This non-profit came to us looking for a design that really popped for their non-profit group. We got them up and running inside a month with a custom site for joining, donating, informing and more for civil rights across the country.

Rubert Enterprises

Rubert came to us in 2021 to create a beautiful, to-spec website that was both responsive and user-friendly. The client wanted to present a friendly site, showcase their services and provide an easy way to get in touch through the website.

Custom Soundhole Covers

This client contacted us looking for a special kind of ‘custom designer’ for musicians to design and order their own guitar hole covers. This is a custom, responsive WordPress WooCommerce build with a custom ‘product designer’ built in.

Fine Finishes of Pinellas

Fine Finishes wanted a simple, yet elegant website to showcase their services and show off their work. We created a custom WordPress website that is responsive and mobile friendly in just over a week and helped them get more exposure immediately.

Custom Adirondack Chairs

Adirondyke Custom Adironadack Chairs

Adirondyke contact us to create a colorful, amazing site to showcase their custom-made adirondack chairs. ProDeveloper created custom graphics and a custom WordPress CMS for easy updates.

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